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Valentines Day in Turkey & top destinations to spend it.
Valentines Day in Turkey and top destination to spend it

Valentines Day in Turkey & top destinations to spend it.

Valentines Day in Turkey and romantic destinations to spend it.

Valentine’s Day in Turkey, or ‘Lovers Day’ (Sevgililer Günü) as it is known, is not a day traditionally celebrated. The concept has only really taken hold over the last twenty years.

Walk through the malls or high streets in Istanbul, Bodrum, Antalya or the resorts and you are sure to see all the Valentines paraphernalia – the red fluffy toys, bunches of roses, fancy chocolate boxes and heart shaped cookies. Popular restaurants dress up tables with petals, candles, hearts and balloons offering special menus for the special occasion. Couples exchange gifts or organise a night out or a romantic evening in, and supermarkets run special offers on cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries. Cynics would have you believe it’s all just a marketing ploy. That Turkey simply jumped on the Valentines band wagon to make money from visiting foreigners, ex-pats and the younger generation silly enough to buy into the hype. We on the other hand prefer to think that Turkey, as a passionate nation, has just embraced a wonderful, romantic tradition celebrated across the globe in varying forms.

So where’s best to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Turkey? Here are our top most romantic Turkish getaway locations this February:


valentines day in Turkey


Escape the hustle and bustle of life and head to the unique geological oddity that is Cappadocia. Marvel at the otherworldly landscape and the dwellings, churches, businesses and wineries dug deep into the whimsical fairytale chimneys and caves. Be a troglodyte for the night staying in a 21st Century cave boutique hotel. Start the day exhilarated with a hot air balloon ride over Goreme National Park. Spend the rest of the day exploring fresco-clad rock churches or the refuges of Derinkuyu and Kaymakl. Cappadocia is undeniably a fabulous location and our No.1 romantic Valentines escape in Turkey. Note: Don’t just reserve a trip to Cappadocia for a special occasion; it’s an unbeatable location filled with mystery, romance and intrigue quite unlike any other you will ever have visited. Cappadocia should be experienced at least once in your life and appear near the top of any Turkey lovers bucket list!


valentines day in Turkey


Snuggle up in the snow this Valentines Day at Turkey’s oldest and most established winter resort. Often people don’t associate Turkey with skiing but Uludağ, in Turkey’s Marmara region near Bursa, 150km from Istanbul, has been a popular ski destination since the 1940’s. The tallest of around 20 mountains, with a summit of 8,343ft (2,543m), Uludağ has two sides; one pine clad and untouched, the other full of life with a great selection of hotels, ski-centres, restaurants and bars. Uludağ offers a number of ski tracks ranging in difficulty, ski equipment can be hired locally and teleski passes are sold daily or come included in room rates at some hotels. If you fancy a chilly romantic escape, Uludağ may just be the answer!


valentines Day in Turkey


Be wooed by sea views in the sophisticated Mediterranean resort Kalkan in Antalya Province. A pretty old fishing town between Kas and Fethiye, it’s famed for its bougainvillea clad white washed houses, fancy infinity pooled hotels and villas, charming array of restaurants and boutiques and narrow winding alleys. The town is mainly a summer holiday destination however there are still a good few restaurants and hotels open in February. The off season months are a lot quieter so it’s a great time to explore, relax and enjoy the surroundings with your loved one.


valentines day in Turkey


Join the likes of JFK Jr. who took his new wife Caroyn Bassett to Istanbul on their honeymoon, and head to this fascinating city that so rightly deserves its spot as one of the most romantic destinations in the world. The city where East meets West, where it’s almost impossible to get bored, there’s something to see or do in Istanbul that will appeal to the most romantic or adventurous of souls. With its vast history, superb shopping, enticing entertainment and fabulous array of restaurants and bars suiting all tastes and budgets, Istanbul makes the ideal romantic getaway.

We hope this has given all the romantics out there a little inspiration, do you have any suggestions? Please comment and let us know.

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