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Turkish Kisir Recipe (Turkish Couscous Style Salad)
Turkish Kisir Recipe

Turkish Kisir Recipe (Turkish Couscous Style Salad)

If you are familiar with tabouleh, the Middle Eastern dish, or like a couscous, you will probably love Turkish Kisir. It’s a favourite in most Turkish homes and regularly features on the family table, at gatherings or BBQs.

Turkish Kisir’s primary ingredient is bulgur (cracked wheat). This is found in most supermarkets here in Turkey and either health food shops or larger supermarkets back in the UK. For this recipe, you need the easy-cook fine bulgur, ‘koftelik’, the one that looks most like dust and not the one with the bigger grains that is cooked as a side dish like rice.

TURKISH KISIR RECIPE (Turkish Couscous Style Salad)

300g Koftelik Bulgur (Fine Cracked Wheat)

Turkish Kisir

Enjoying Turkish Kisir for lunch here at the office

1 Tablespoon Domates Salca (Tomato Paste)

1 Tablespoon Biber Salca (Red Pepper Paste)

2 Ripe Tomatoes (Peeled and grated)

1 Cucumber (Finely diced)

2 Spring Onions (Finely diced)

1 Handful Fresh Mint

1 Handfull Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley

1 Teaspoon Cumin

1/2 Teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes (More if you like it spicy!)

1 Teaspoon Salt

3 Tablespoons Olive Oil

2 Tablespoons Nar Eksili (Pomegranate Molasses/Syrup*)

(*Try and get the pomegranate syrup if you can is it really does give an authentic flavour. But if you can’t find it you can use lemon juice)


  1. Turkish Kisir

    Mix the pastes in well with your hands

    Put the bulgur into a large bowl. Add 750ml of boiling water and cover immediately with cling film (as you would couscous). Let it sit undisturbed for around 20 minutes to absorb all the water.

  2. Mix the tomato and pepper pastes with the grated tomato, pomegranate syrup, cumin, pepper flakes and olive oil in a separate bowl.
  3. Once the bulgur has rested, fluff it up with a fork. Pour the paste mix over and mix thoroughly with your hands until all is well combined.
  4. Add the chopped spring onions, herbs and cucumber and mix well.
  5. Let it stand for 20 minutes or so to let all the flavours blend.
  6. Perfect served wrapped up with lettuce leaves and lavas (flatbread).

Have you given the recipe a go? Please let us know how you got on.

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