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A look back at tourist spend in Turkey during 2017
2017 Tourist Figures Announced

A look back at tourist spend in Turkey during 2017

Diplomatic incentives and promotions to increase tourist spend last year certainly proved worthwhile according to latest figures from Turkstat. Official data shows tourism revenue was up 19% on 2016, reaching $26.3 billion compared to $22.1 billion the previous year.  


Tourists spent the most, $5.86 billion, on food and beverages. Package tours came next with a spend of $4.822 billion, then followed international transportation where visitors spent $3,701 billion.

A total of $3,084 billion was spent on accommodation, $827 million on health care, $291 million on sports, education and culture, and $1,266 on souvenirs.

Holidaymakers bought $102 million worth of carpets and dished out £47 million on boat and marina services.

Data also showed that, although over 77 percent of the total expenditure came from foreign tourists, nearly 23 percent came from Turks visiting from abroad. The majority, 56 percent, came to Turkey for travel, entertainment, sports and cultural purposes, nearly 15 percent to visit friends and family.

The average spend per person was $681 during 2017.


The increase in tourist expenditure does bode well for 2018. An increase in spending by both foreign visitors and Turks living abroad is expected to continue this year with industry experts tipping Turkey as a ‘trend’ for 2018. As we have previously mentioned in many articles, the government are determined to exceed 2014 tourist arrival numbers and make a full recovery this year. Let’s all hope that is indeed the case.

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