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HSBC: Turkey Property A ‘Strong Investment Opportunity’


Just a brief gander through our latest posts will highlight the glowing reports Turkey’s real estate market is receiving from finance and economic professionals, and now the manager of HSBC GIF Turkey has joined the throng pointing to the improvements the market is witnessing. Read More »

Brits See Value In Turkish Markets


British firms are more than developing a taste for Turkey, bringing in £1.2 billion GBP worth of investment in the first half of 2012 - and becoming its top overseas investor in the process. So what's the attraction? Read More »

Foreign direct investment In Turkey To Top 20 billion USD And Property Incentive Package In The Offing


International investors have high confidence in the momentum of the Turkish economy right now, with a recent survey forecasting that foreigners will have brought in 20 billion USD before the year is out. Read More »

Turkey property bonanza as sales revenues hit 3.48 billion Lira


The Turkish treasury has announced sales revenues from property purchases in Turkey to have reached 3.48 billion Lira, further demonstrating burgeoning growth in the sector. Read More »

$20 billion property buyer surge expected in Turkey


Turkey's relaxation of property buying laws is expected to boost the property market by $20 billion (£13 billion). Read More »

Turkey’s investor appeal surges with foreign direct investment up by 72%


Turkey continues to prove an attractive prospect to foreign investors. Latest figures by the Turkish Ministry of Economy on foreign direct investment (FDI) show 892 million USD (approx £563 million) of FDI came into Turkey in the first month of 2012 – a 72% increase on the same period in 2011. Read More »

ICC Secretary General: ‘Turkish economy shining success’


Turkey’s rapidly growing economy has brought accolades from the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) Secretary General, Jean-Guy Carrier. Read More »

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