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Turkey’s Rich Wine Heritage


If you’re planning a visit to Turkey soon, either for a holiday or to look into Turkish property for sale then you might be interested to know that the country actually has quite a few very good wine’s worth sampling. Read More »

Official Holidays in Turkey


When planning a short holiday visit, a longer stay of a few months or if you’re fortunate enough to be in the position of considering buying a property in Turkey, then you’ll need to know when the country’s official holidays are to help you plan your trip better. Read More »

Istanbul Infrastructure Improvements


Istanbul in Turkey - the country’s most prominent city in terms of worldwide attention and Turkish culture in general - is proving a magnet for real estate investors on a global scale say Oceanwide Properties. Read More »

Buying a Property and Working in Turkey


Those who invest in a property in Turkey not to retire or rent it out for a holiday home but with the intention of living there full time and working via a salaried position would require sponsorship from a Turkish company Read More »

Third Airport Makes Travel to and From Turkey Even Easier


Non-Turkish residents planning on buying a property to rent in Fethiye, Kalkan, Bodrum or some other popular coastal resort in the country will be delighted to learn that the first phase of the new Istanbul Airport is set for completion in 2017. Read More »

Turkish Economy to Grow by 0.4 Per Cent This Year


Turkey’s economic growth is set to rise by to 3.8 per cent for 2013 – an increase of 0.4 per cent on the current forecast, Oceanwide Properties is pleased to hear. Read More »

Tax Related to Buying a Property in Turkey


If you’re thinking of buying a property in Turkey for a retirement home or somewhere to let out as a holiday rental, then it’s worth remembering too when budgeting, that you will have property taxes to pay. Read More »

Investing in a Turkish Rental Property


For some time now you've been considering buying a second home abroad to rent out during the peak holiday season and you've settled on a Turkey property. Read More »

Turkey and its Cultural and Sporting Activities


Here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey we’re happy to give you a little bit of background to the typical Turkish lifestyle. Read More »

The TAPU When It Comes to Turkey Property


In order to have it officially confirmed that you are the owner of a property in Turkey it’s necessary to have a TAPU. This is actually equivalent to the Title Deeds of a house in the UK and as such is regarded as an official document signifying ownership. Read More »

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