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Discovering Turkey’s Heritage


Turkey played a pivotal role in the civilisation of Europe. A meeting point between East and West, the country has a rich heritage which is well worth uncovering. Read More »

Weather the Storms by Coming to Turkey


Sitting here in the UK and looking out the window right now it’s actually snowing a blizzard. And it’s freezing. Times like this make investing in a property in Turkey even more appealing than usual. Read More »

Turkey: A Top Lifestyle Destination


Turkey is a country that numerous travel agents, glossy mags (and actually we here at Oceanwide Properties) describe as a ‘lifestyle destination of note’. Read More »

Turkish Employment and Jobs


Those with a family who are thinking of moving abroad and investing in a property in Turkey in particular will be pleased to hear the Turkish government’s announcement earlier this week that the country’s unemployment rate remains well below that of the typical European Union member state. Read More »

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