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Spotlight on Kalkan

Spotlight on Kalkan

When anyone who has never had the pleasure of setting foot on Turkey attempts to picture in their mind’s eye what the country looks like, we’re pretty sure here at Oceanwide Properties that the former fishing village of Kalkan is the image they come up with.


It’s all pretty bougainvillea-covered whitewashed houses (large and small) with wooden shutters, dotted along steep lanes and perched on a hillside overlooked by the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean. These original Turkish homes are joined today by exclusive villas, apartments and upmarket hotels but this hasn’t spoiled the view thanks to the Turkish government’s strict building and preservation laws when it comes to property in Turkey.

Dubbed “Turkey’s most likeable ‘untouched’ harbour town” by the Sunday Times newspaper, Kalkan is what you’d call a well-off village with a stunning geographic outlook. It peers down on a bay on the country’s Lycian coast and sits a mere two hour’s drive from Dalaman Airport. Understandably, this is an extremely popular location with British visitors – many of whom have fallen in love with the area and stayed on to become all-year round residents and Turkey property owners.

The new 470 berth marina at nearby Kas has probably fuelled this influx of British visitors to the resort as has its undisputed beauty, Roman background and general sense of calm. But there is still very much a traditional Turkish feel here and anyhow it’s a rather discerning and genteel British tourist who makes their way towards these shores.


Famous for its piracy the aforementioned bay in Kalkan was once the scene of a battle between Roman and Rhodian ships and became a prosperous port in the 19th century. Goods such as silk, wine, grapes, olive oil and acorns were regularly transported from the bay for offloading throughout the Ottoman Empire.

Kalkan was once shared by Greek and Turkish people but following the Turkish War of Independence in 1923 the Greek residents were forced to flee.

In 1960 tourism became the main economic activity of the village and has remained so to the present day. 

Roman Architecture

There are numerous resorts near Kalkan on the Lycian coast for those interested in ancient history and architecture. For instance at Xanthos there is an amphitheatre, Roman arch and famous Byzantine church. Pinara boasts temples, an amphitheatre and the Royal Tomb. At Patara you’ll find the excellently-preserved triple arch and a bath complex. 


Warm enough to swim in the sea nine months of the year, there’s also a breeze in Kalkan which makes potentially sweltering afternoons much more pleasant. Top temperatures are July and August when you can expect around 34 or 35 Celsius. 


Numerous restaurants and lounge bars nestle in Kalkan’s marina area while in the village it’s possible to eat roof-top style. If shopping is your thing there are plenty of fascinating evening markets selling a variety of leather goods, clothing and jewellery. For those with a more sporting bent, there are plenty of water sports to engage in at the marina such as diving and paragliding.

The above is a brief introduction to Kalkan but we’d advise here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey that if you’re considering visiting or even buying a property for sale in Kalkan then it’s definitely a village and area worth researching further.

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