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One-Year’s Residency Announced For Foreign Turkey Property Owners and E-Visas Launched

One-Year’s Residency Announced For Foreign Turkey Property Owners and E-Visas Launched


Residency rules change a welcomed initiative for Turkey property buyers.

The Turkish government continues to take significant strides in making it easier for foreigners to visit and own property in Turkey, this month launching an online visa ticketing service and enacting a new law that provides for extended rights of stay for foreign property owners.

The new law is expected to come into force early next year and will qualify owners of  Turkish property with a year’s residency.  Turkish Law already permits citizens of many countries to obtain a residence permit, but this ruling introduces ‘property ownership’ as a qualifier for longer periods of stay. Formerly, homeowners were subject to tourist visa limitations where they could only stay for three months out of every 180 days before having to apply separately for residency.

We know for Brit buyers obtaining residency has rarely presented a problem, but for the new Arab, Russian and non-European nations who were given the right to buy last year, this has historically been less easy and we’re sure this will be particularly well greeted by them.

The processes and procedures relating to investing in Turkey have undergone monumental change since the Republic first set its sights on EU accession and began broadening its economic agenda to the East. From initially reducing substantial visa fees for foreigners to the new e-visas and now extended rights of stay for property owners, the overall outlook is increasingly positive for those considering a purchase here. Currently we understand talks are also underway to scrap the military clearance requirement on purchasers also. This would further reduce what we know to be an often frustrating wait for buyers keen to get into their new homes. We’ll keep you posted as more news on this unfolds.

E-Visas launched

If you are planning your next trip to Turkey you can now avoid those lengthy border control queues by pre-purchasing you entry visa online. The new system only applies to required tourist and business visas and will run alongside the current sticker/stamp visa which, should you chose not to opt for an e-visa, you will still be able to purchase at the airport on arriving in Turkey. The e-visa is priced at the same price as the paper visa (for UK nationals US$20 paid by credit card or £10 by debit card). The team at Oceanwide have yet to use the system, but we understand from their website it’s completed in just three easy steps > https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/

Keep us posted on how you find the new e-visa process on the Oceanwide Properties facebook page

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