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Your guide to beaches around Fethiye

beaches around fethiye

The Fethiye area is perhaps best known as home to the ‘Blue Lagoon’. The pale bank of sand spanning into vibrant shades of light turquoise and azure blue in Fethiye’s Oludeniz has enticed holidaymakers to Turkey for years. But Fethiye has far more to offer the beach lover.  From crowded ... Read More »

The Magic of Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey

property for sale in Fethiye cappadocia

What better way to experience Turkey than from a floating balloon? Read More »

Turkey as a Fun Surfing Destination

Thought about coming to Turkey to surf? If not, why not, asks the Oceanwide Properties team. Here's a list of why Turkey is a great surfing destination. Read More »

Top Yoga Retreats in Turkey

Try out three of the best yoga retreats in Turkey from this Oceanwide Properties recommended list. Read More »

All Eyes on Cyclists in Turkey

This coming week will see cyclists from all over the world cycling through coastal Turkey as part of the 50th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey – set to end in Istanbul on Sunday, 4 May. Read More »

Turkey: Perfect for Sunshine and Sports

Renowned for its months of long sunshine and warm weather, not to mention its outdoor lifestyle, beautiful coastal locations, harbours, beaches and mountains, Turkey seems the ideal country for participating in sports and enjoying an active lifestyle. Read More »

Oludeniz Beach Near Fethiye Claims Paragliding Record

reasons not to buy a property in Fethiye

Turkey’s popular Oludeniz beach, famous for its beautiful sands, tropical turquoise seas and secluded coves, was adding to its popularity and mention in the guidebooks for another reason last year – its unique paragliding facilities hit a new record, Read More »

Paragliding investment in Turkey

reasons not to buy a property in Fethiye

A property in Turkey is always a good bet for fans of outdoor living and adventures – and if that is what rocks your boat, then news that there is to be a huge investment in paragliding in Fethiye* will come as welcome news. Read More »

Turkey and its Cultural and Sporting Activities

reasons not to buy a property in Fethiye

Here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey we’re happy to give you a little bit of background to the typical Turkish lifestyle. Read More »

Turkey: A Golfing Mecca

Turkey is world-renowned for lots of reasons and one of the biggest is in sporting provision - particularly golf where its courses are some of the most spectacular ever built. Read More »

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