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Truly Fab Turkish Festivals


Here at Oceanwide Properties we do manage to get some time off from marketing and selling Turkey property now and again. Read More »

Tips for Travelling Around Turkey


Many individuals and couples come to Turkey, not to holiday in one of our pretty coastal resorts or buy Turkey property and retire here, but rather to travel around from village to village and stay a week or two in the cities such as Istanbul. Read More »

The Best of Bodrum


Commonly referred to as the ‘St Tropez of Turkey’ thanks to its amazing yachting facilities (it boasts some of the best sailing routes in Turkey along its coasts as well as an extremely high class and luxury marina) and impressive Turkey property, Bodrum has been the final destination for hundreds of ex-pats over the years who fancied invested in a property in Turkey and settling down to a laid-back lifestyle. Read More »

Pregnant and Living in Turkey?


Not all ex-pats who buy a property in Turkey and settle here are retired couples seeking out a new and more relaxing lifestyle. Read More »

Smart Souvenirs from Turkey


When returning home from holiday we always like to have a little souvenir or two to remind us of the fun we had while away in foreign climes. Read More »

6 Things to Do in Fethiye


Here at Oceanwide Properties we have many offices throughout Turkey in areas such as Side and Istanbul however, our head office is right here in Fethiye. Read More »

How to Deal with Culture Shock in Turkey


It doesn’t matter which country you come from, or where you decide to settle: adapting in a foreigner country is bound to be a bumpy ride at first. Read More »

Famous Faces of Turkey


Turkey is a beautiful country, with a coastline and beaches that are widely adored, mountains that speak of majesty and a history that is rich with culture, religion, entertainment and art. Read More »

Sounds of Turkey: Traditional and Modern Trends


If there is one thing Turkey is renowned for, it's the colourful sounds and expressiveness of its music. Read More »

Advice for Expat Students in Turkey


Turkey is a great place to study: not only is a gateway to Europe and the Middle East, but it offers an important historical perspective on both East and West - so it's interesting in its own right - regardless o the fascinating subject you've across to study. Read More »

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