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Cost of Living in Turkey


Have you found your dream property in Turkey yet? Maybe you are lucky enough to be simply counting down the days until you relocate? Read More »

Istanbul’s Top Five Luxury Hotels


Are you planning on travelling to Turkey this summer? If so maybe you are intending to spend a couple of days experiencing the luxury available in Istanbul? We don’t blame you! Read More »

Meaningful Mingling with Local Turks


There's one way which is guaranteed to make friends quicker than any other in Turkey - and that's to volunteer at a local charity. Read More »

How to Go About Working in Turkey


Understandably many of us who live in colder climes dream of being able to afford to buy a property in Turkey. Read More »

Tips for Holidaying in Turkey


Whether you're thinking of investing in Turkish property or just want to come to this beautiful country for a well-deserved holiday, there are always a few tips and cultural know-hows that it's good to be aware of. Read More »

Istanbul Architectural Attractions


The city of Istanbul has, of course, much to commend itself - particularly in terms of historical architecture. Read More »

Turkey as a Fun Surfing Destination


Thought about coming to Turkey to surf? If not, why not, asks the Oceanwide Properties team. Here's a list of why Turkey is a great surfing destination. Read More »

Top Yoga Retreats in Turkey


Try out three of the best yoga retreats in Turkey from this Oceanwide Properties recommended list. Read More »

Impressive shopping in Istanbul


Istanbul is undoubtedly regarded as one of the world’s best shopping destinations. And no wonder. The city seems to collect designer stores by the day. Read More »

Turkey’s Natural Wonders


If you haven’t been to see them already, then Turkey’s national wonders are well worth a visit. Whether you’ve recently bought property in Turkey and are keen to get out and about and tick these fascinating sites off your ‘To Do’ list, or if you’re out just out here on a couple of weeks holiday and trying to cram in as many visits as possible, then here’s the Oceanwide Properties team’s list of favourite geological wonders to get you kickstarted: Read More »

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