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Top 5 romantic destinations in Turkey

romantic places in Turkey

It’s Valentines Day or ‘Lovers Day’ as they call it here in Turkey, the day when all those that have either found love, on the hunt for a partner or independent and happy, celebrate. Turkey is a romantic country. Think about it, Helen and Paris, Anthony and Cleopatra, Suleyman and ... Read More »

Don’t write off Turkey in winter – it’s a great time to visit!

Turkey in winter

Don’t underestimate Turkey in winter. Although it’s cold of an evening, it’s still sunny most days and a fabulous place to visit – dare I say it, winter is the best time to visit! Think of a holiday in Turkey and chances are sitting in a beachside restaurant, drinking an ... Read More »

7 Reasons NOT to live in Turkey

reasons not to live in Turkey

Considering living or buying a property in Turkey? Got reservations? Have a read of this, our 7 reasons NOT to live in Turkey or visit for a holiday. 1.The weather is far too good. According to holidayweather.com Dalaman and the Fethiye region of Turkey suffer great temperatures year round averaging 26°C. July and August ... Read More »

The dos and don’ts in Turkey and Britain

Here’s an amusing little guide on the common dos and don’ts in Turkey and Britain. Maybe you can relate to a few? Have we missed any? UK – dos and don’ts… TURKEY – dos and don’ts… Don’t expect to eat at someone’s house unless invited. Brits often have empty fridges. They rarely ... Read More »

Your guide to beaches around Fethiye


The Fethiye area is perhaps best known as home to the ‘Blue Lagoon’. The pale bank of sand spanning into vibrant shades of light turquoise and azure blue in Fethiye’s Oludeniz has enticed holidaymakers to Turkey for years. But Fethiye has far more to offer the beach lover.  From crowded ... Read More »

Kalkan’s Top Luxury Stays


Standing in the beautiful seaside town of Kalkan, it is hard to image the once humble beginnings of this popular little town. Many holidaymakers choose to return as Turkey property owners – such is it’s beauty and fascination.  If you are planning a holiday in Kalkan and still need to book ... Read More »

Beautiful Beaches in Turkey


The idyllic setting – and beauty – of Turkey’s secluded and private beaches, as well as the sheer popularity of the tourist-frequented stretches of sand and water makes Turkey a hugely popular holiday destination. The country has numerous beaches to pick and choose from so for those who dream about ... Read More »

Dalaman is All Fun Under the Sun


Whether you are out and about in search of property for sale in Turkey, or want to explore all that the Aegan coast has to offer, Dalaman is setting the scene for a roaring time. Read More »

Discovering Turkey’s Silk Road: then and now


No visit to Turkey - whether you are there to holiday or seek out property for sale in Turkey - would be complete without setting eyes on the remnants and villages of the country's famous Silk Road. Read More »

Know Turkey Do You?


So you think you know Turkey? If you are planning on buying property in Turkey, or want to move there to enjoy long and everlasting summers, the bazaars and cuisine, then let’s test your knowledge of the country. Read More »

property in turkey