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How to ward off mosquitoes in Turkey


Is your summer in Turkey buzzing for all the wrong reasons? Are your glorious sundown drinks and evening BBQs spoiled by tiny unwanted guests that leave you itching for the remainder of the night? Here are a few traditional (and not so traditional) ideas that may help you rid yourself, ... Read More »

How to find cheap flights to Turkey


With the season here in Turkey now underway we thought we would take a look at ways you can bag yourselves cheap flights to Turkey. Most of us have been there. You find a bargain flight online, head off to check dates with the family only to return and log ... Read More »

Important! Know the symptoms of dehydration, heat exhaustion & heatstroke.


Most of us that visit Turkey regularly, or with a property in Turkey, have suffered dehydration and possibly heat exhaustion at some point.  But do you know the symptoms and treatment of the heat related illnesses our wonderfully hot Turkish summers can impose? Do you know the difference between having ... Read More »

FAQ: Health Insurance in Turkey 2015


Health insurance in Turkey is a concern for many people considering buying a Turkish property, or looking to settle and spend their retirement here.  Here are Oceanwide Properties list of most frequently asked questions and answers to help all those concerned;  Do I need health insurance when I visit Turkey ... Read More »

Health Preparations for Travel in Turkey


Falling prey to illness is the last thing you need travelling around Turkey in search of the perfect Turkish property for sale. Read More »

Pregnant and Living in Turkey?


Not all ex-pats who buy a property in Turkey and settle here are retired couples seeking out a new and more relaxing lifestyle. Read More »

Turkey’s Earthquakes – What You Need to Know


When living in Turkey - either a city or peaceful rural area - it makes sense to learn about earthquakes. If you are currently looking at buying a property for sale in Fethiye or any other area in Turkey come to that, then here are a few important earthquake facts: Read More »

Healthcare in Turkey: What to Expect


Turkey has gone through many physical transformations in the past few decades and the same can be said their for their healthcare system Read More »

Turkey the new address for Europe’s elderly care as health tourism rises


Medical tourism is on the up in Turkey, according to latest figures from its health tourism board. Read More »

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