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Buying & Selling Guides

Why Property Maintenance in Turkey is Essential


Being able to afford to buy property in a foreign country is no longer a pipe dream but instead has become a lovely reality for many families, couples and individuals. Read More »

Apartment Property Management in Turkey


Many individuals and couples who invest in Turkey property tend to go for an apartment in a complex rather than a larger family style villa home. Read More »

Obtaining a Turkish Driving Licence


Applying for a Turkish driving licence can be achieved in one day - provided you're feeling determined! Read More »

Turkish Law and Residency Permits


A question we get asked a lot here by non-Turkish residents at Oceanwide Properties is how to get a residency permit Read More »

Taking a Pet With You to Turkey


If you have decided to make the move to Turkey – and we don't blame you, one of the issues you may be considering is what you do with your pet. Read More »

Turkish TAPU Process Now Officially Quicker


British citizens and other nationalities will find buying property in Turkey much quicker than ever before thanks to the speeding up of the TAPU process. And it’s believed it could lead to even more foreign nationals investing in Turkey property. Read More »

Buying a Property and Working in Turkey


Those who invest in a property in Turkey not to retire or rent it out for a holiday home but with the intention of living there full time and working via a salaried position would require sponsorship from a Turkish company Read More »

Tax Related to Buying a Property in Turkey


If you’re thinking of buying a property in Turkey for a retirement home or somewhere to let out as a holiday rental, then it’s worth remembering too when budgeting, that you will have property taxes to pay. Read More »

Buying Land in Turkey for Building Purposes


Foreign nationals who have retired and hanker after a holiday home – or a permanent residency - in Turkey aren’t just restricting themselves to older properties, new builds or even property at all it seems, we have been witnessing here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey. Read More »

Investing in a Turkish Rental Property


For some time now you've been considering buying a second home abroad to rent out during the peak holiday season and you've settled on a Turkey property. Read More »

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