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Buying & Selling Guides

Living in Turkey: expat tax matters


For the majority of us tax matters can be something of a headache. If you are settling into your new expat lifestyle, looking at buying property in Turkey and wondering how all of this is going to affect the next tax season as far as your own finances are concerned then do take a minute to run through these tax pointers: Read More »

Cost of Living in Turkey


Have you found your dream property in Turkey yet? Maybe you are lucky enough to be simply counting down the days until you relocate? Read More »

Tips On Moving to Turkey


If you are thinking of coming out to Turkey on a long-term basis then here are a few practical tips from the team at Oceanwide Properties Turkey: Read More »

Sell Your Property in Turkey Quicker


Have a Turkey property that you're looking to sell on - for whatever reason? Then here at Oceanwide Properties Turkey not only can we do the marketing and advertising of that property for you, but we'll also help you with some advice on what you can do yourself to make that sale far more imminent. Read More »

Moving to Turkey


Moving country, whether short or long-term, remains an expense. In the case of Turkey there is paperwork that needs to be done and the potential costs of shipping your household items to consider. Read More »

Showing Your Home in the Best Light


When it comes to selling your property in Turkey – or anywhere else for that matter - showing off your home to its best possible advantage is obviously crucial. Read More »

Marketing Tips: Selling Your Property in Turkey


When it comes to selling your home, regardless of whether you have a property in Turkey, France or back home in the UK, marketing a pile of bricks and mortar is all about showing that property in its best light. Read More »

Getting Your Car Insured in Turkey


After falling in love with Turkey, buying property in Turkey, relocating and job hunting, you'll probably want to buy a car too. Read More »

Staying in Contact with Turkey’s Telecommunications


Have you recently relocated to Turkey or are you buying property in Turkey? Chances are you will want to stay in contact with friends and family back home and with Turkey’s well-developed telecommunication systems, staying in contact shouldn’t be a problem. Read More »

Get Your Turkish Domestic Matters in Order


Living the expat lifestyle in Turkey can be wonderful but, unfortunately, just because you’re living what feels like a charmed existence, it doesn’t mean that you’re excused from all those domestic duties such as grocery shopping and housework. Read More »

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