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Turkish Recipes

Turkish Pide Recipe (Turkish Pizza)

Turkish Pizza

It’s Italian Cuisine Week so I’m sure a good ole’ slap up pizza is on the menu in many homes around the world right now. The Turks also have their take on pizza called ‘pide’. Long, crispy, very thin bread-based pizzas normally cooked in a special ‘pide oven’, but it’s ... Read More »

Turkish Kisir Recipe (Turkish Couscous Style Salad)

Turkish Kisir

If you are familiar with tabouleh, the Middle Eastern dish, or like a couscous, you will probably love Turkish Kisir. It’s a favourite in most Turkish homes and regularly features on the family table, at gatherings or BBQs. Turkish Kisir’s primary ingredient is bulgur (cracked wheat). This is found in ... Read More »

Hulya’s Spiced & Fruity Turkish Cookie Recipe


We had a real treat in the Oceanwide Properties office today, Hulya cooked some lovely cookies to impress clients and go with our afternoon tea. So tasty they were that we simply had to share the recipe with you. Here it is –  Hulya’s fabulously moorish, spiced & fruity Turkish ... Read More »

Turkish Vegetable Soup with Orzo Recipe


The cold weather is very much upon us here in Turkey, all the mountains are beautifully snow-capped and you don’t have to travel very far to find snow! To warm you up here’s one of our office favourite recipes, Turkish vegetable soup with Orzo. TURKISH VEGETABLE SOUP WITH ORZO (Sehriyeli ... Read More »

An easy Turkish Hummus recipe


Most people that have eaten a mixed meze plate in Turkey will have tried Hummus. This thick, creamy and incredibly tasty spread is made up primarily of creamed chickpeas with a few added extras. It is now popular the world over. Here’s our tried and tested recipe for Turkish hummus, ... Read More »

Babaannesi Turkish Chickpea Stew


Take a look at our latest recipe, Babaannesi (Grandmas) Turkish Chickpea Stew. It’s a firm favourite in our house and really healthy to boot – gluten free, vegetarian, vegan even and packed full of protein… Turkey is fabulous for vegetarians and anyone that enjoys meat free dishes. Many traditional family ... Read More »

A Tasty Turkish Chicken Shish Kebab Recipe


Here’s an easy and delicious Turkish chicken shish kebab recipe ideal for cooking on the stove top grill or BBQ. The weather in Turkey is warming up nicely. The t-shirts and flip-flops have now been taken out of storage and the terrace cleared of the accumulated dust and sand from ... Read More »

Smoky chickpea, spinach and lentil soup recipe


We just had to share this recipe – it’s delicious! If you’re after a healthy and remarkably tasty supper, try this smoky chickpea, spinach and lentil soup. Serving around 6, it’s a hearty soup, perhaps more of a stoup, and fabulous served up with a wedge of fresh crusty Turkish ... Read More »

Turkish Lentil Soup Recipe (A great winter warmer)


With the temperatures in Fethiye dropping below freezing last weekend, we thought we would warm you up with the perfect dish for those chilly evenings. See below our Turkish lentil soup recipe… Health Benefits of Lentils Lentils are a healthy low calorie legume and a staple in the Turkish diet. ... Read More »

Taze Fasulye Recipe (Fresh Beans)


A Turkish recipe dating back to the Ottoman era. A family classic and one loved by locals and most foreigners that try it. This simple recipe tastes a world away from dull boiled runner beans… it’s tasty and may well surprise you. Here’s a little info on which beans are ... Read More »

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