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Watermelon salad with Feta, Basil and Red Onion


Nothing refreshes you more during the summer than a big chunk of ripe watermelon. This week the Fethiye market is full of them for less than a lira per kilo in most cases. One true sign of summer in Fethiye is when you notice the melon man tooting his horn ... Read More »

Celebrating Cherries and the upcoming Nif Cherry Festival


Fethiye in Season: Celebrating cherries and the upcoming Nif Cherry Festival Few can resist big, fat, tasty cherries and last week’s Fethiye Tuesday market was just full of them. It’s great to see the stalls heaped high, selling these juicy little gems for as little as 5TL per kilo (a ... Read More »

Celebrating what’s in season around Fethiye


A new feature for Oceanwide Properties News, Fethiye in Season is a weekly post celebrating the wonderful array of seasonal foods, fruits and vegetables available around Fethiye. Our idea is to highlight not only what is in season each week, but also give you suggestions on how to incorporate it ... Read More »

Drinking Tea in Turkey


A prominent Turkish tradition throughout the whole of Turkey is the pure enjoyment of a cup of tea. But not any tea that is – only true and authentic Turkish tea. Next time you’re around for browsing property for sale in Turkey or a weekend of shopping in Istanbul; look ... Read More »

The Beautiful Breads of Turkey


The traditional food passions of the past are still alive today in modern-day Turkey, with Turks and expats alike seeking out any occasion whatsoever (however improbable) to feast in the delights of old-style Turkish cuisine. Read More »

Cooking Up a Storm in Turkey


If you (understandably) happen to be mesmerised by Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine, or have an interest in the finer culinary arts in general, then a fun way to learn to master the tastes of this country is to embark on cookery classes in Turkey. Read More »

Tantalising Tastes of Turkish Cuisine


That moment you tasted authentic Turkish cuisine on genuine Turkish soil – you knew many of your once favourites dishes and tastes would be no more. Turkey is absolutely adored for its cuisine. Read More »

Turkey’s Tap Water: Is It Safe to Drink?


Are you one of the many people who have travelled to delightful Turkey, understandably fallen in love with the country, and are now planning on investing in a Turkey property? Read More »

Breakfast in Turkey


Discovering the tastes and flavours abroad is one of the things that entice many people to visit a foreign country- and Turkey, of course, is no exception Read More »

Pancake Party Promised for Kalkan on Shrove Tuesday


This year Shrove Tuesday – or Pancake Day – takes place on Tuesday 4 March, and the town of Kalkan is planning a Great Pancake Party to celebrate. Read More »

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