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About Turkey

About Turkey

A little about Turkey…

Turkey, or the Republic of Turkey as it is officially referred, embraces both Europe and Asia. A large country, with an ever growing population of over 77.8 million, it is well over five times the size of England and bordered by eight other countries: Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

A non-eurozone, it is recognised globally as a country of significant importance – its unique location amidst many global trade routes, and rapidly growing economy makes it a major regional power that attracts large and small scale investment on a daily basis.

Tourism in Turkey

For many years Turkey has performed well on international tourism polls and it currently ranks seventh in the most popular global tourist destinations (UNWTO). Istanbul’s popularity alone was celebrated in 2010 when it was crowned the European Capital of Culture and Turkish tourism figures have been boosted considerably ever since.

Statistics suggest that up to 36 million tourists visited Turkey in 2014, a significant increase on previous years. For March 2013 alone, overseas visitor numbers had risen by a phenomenal 26 per cent year on year, preceeded in February by a 27% per cent jump. In 2013, gross national tourism revenue increased by over 10 per cent to a whopping £15.6 billion, a clear indication that Turkey is a destination to watch, not only in terms of tourism, but also with regard to investment and economic growth. Those purchasing a Turkish property for rental purposes can now expect premium returns providing they buy wisely.

Turkey’s wealth of coastal resorts attracts the majority of your traditional, sun-seeking UK and European holidaymakers. Popular resorts around Izmir, Fethiye and Antalya enjoy long hot summers, mild winters, great beaches, a wealth of modern facilities and countless hotels, villas and apartments suiting most budgets.
Recent years have seen the resort airports of Antalya and Dalaman run increased numbers of international flights throughout the summer months and most destinations can now be accessed easily via Istanbul year-round.
about turkey
Istanbul attracts a different type of tourist. The weekend breakers, business travellers and round the world holiday-makers all flocking to the city throughout the year. Istanbul has always been one of the world’s most alluring and fascinating cities: its many attractions; historic sites; trading and excellent shopping malls and bazaars place it on most travellers’ bucket list of places to visit at least once in a lifetime.
Oceanwide Properties and Oceanwide Properties News are centered in Fethiye. A wonderfully diverse coastal region of Mugla on the South coast (although we do have a head office in the UK). The majority of our news posts and the properties on offer are in this region. If you want to know more about Turkey, or fancy knowing more about the Fethiye area, please see our regional descriptions and also browse our blog posts.

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