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7 Reasons NOT to live in Turkey
7 Reasons NOT to live in Turkey

7 Reasons NOT to live in Turkey

Considering living or buying a property in Turkey? Got reservations? Have a read of this, our 7 reasons NOT to live in Turkey or visit for a holiday.

reasons not to live in Turkey

The weather in Turkey is just too good!

1.The weather is far too good. According to holidayweather.com Dalaman and the Fethiye region of Turkey suffer great temperatures year round averaging 26°C. July and August are hot with temperatures peaking over 40°C on occasion, way too hot and certainly nothing a retreat into your hotel or villa air-conditioning, a beer in the shade, a dip in a pool or a swim in the crystal clear sea would ever rectify. And the winters are unbearably mild. You may need a woolly jumper of an evening but who would possibly want to wear a T-shirt and a pair of sunglasses in December? Or enjoy Christmas Day with a few drinks or a BBQ on the beach? 

reasons not to live in Turkey

Your money goes far further in Turkey

2. The cost of living is way too cheap. If you have pounds in your pocket or receive your pension in Sterling, the exchange rate (currently 4.8TL to the Pound) means you can live like a king for far less – who would want that? In addition, the interest rates on a monthly Turkish lira savings account at the banks here can be as much as 13% p.a. Here’s a crazy suggestion a lot of expats swear by; wack 200,000TL in the bank (c£41,000) so you receive roughly 26,000TL total gross interest per year. After tax, you can draw over 2000TL a month living allowance (around £416) – that’s a lot of beer, a good few evenings out or pays your household running costs plus a fridge of basic groceries for the month. You are obviously far better off with the interest rates in the UK!

turkey tourism news3. There’s simply not enough to do in Turkey. Turkey is tiny. It’s only two and a half times the size of the UK so it couldn’t possibly offer a range of fabulous destinations, coastal gems and cities to explore. Take Fethiye as an example, it’s just a 4-hour flight from the UK and 40-minute transfer from Dalaman airport, utterly impossible to get to. It was the most important city for the ancient Lycians who left remnants of their time here everywhere, you literally stumble across history in the town centre or can’t help but spot rock tombs dug into the hillside when sailing into harbour on your boat trip or blue-cruise. Oludeniz lagoon (15 minutes from Fethiye) is the postcard-perfect beach, it’s bands of turquoise waters far too alluring to ever warrant a visit. Calis Beach may be home to spectacular red sunsets over the islands and bay – but who would ever want to enjoy a cold beer or an al-fresco meal and watch them? Then there’s Kayakoy, a ‘ghost town’ tucked in a valley a few minutes drive away. A hotch-potch of crumbling and roofless Greek cottages, churches and chapels that have been the setting for Hollywood blockbusters and inspired authors such as Louis De Bernieres, famed for penning Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, in his novel Birds Without Wings. No, Fethiye and Turkey offer far too much diversity, activities, sports and entertainment to make you ever want to visit – you best stick to your slippers, pour yourself a cuppa-tea, let the dog in from the rain and watch Eastenders to cheer you up!

reasons not to live in Turkey

The food in Turkey is far too good!

4. The food is too damn good. Who needs top-notch nosh at affordable prices? You are far better off sticking to your Aldi packet meals and the Wednesday curry night down the local pub. Here in Turkey, you won’t find packet meals – aside from a few pizzas and the odd bag of frozen chips in the supermarket, convenience foods simply don’t exist here. Turks buy fresh ingredients from open markets and rustle up a storm. Housewives, local restaurants and fancy eateries do the same – and as we have established, the exchange rate means you can pig-out on a massive 3-course meal or simply graze on a few choice mezes in a lokanta without breaking the bank. A shopping trip to buy just a cucumber or a few potatoes pre-packed in cling-film? Unheard of. You buy fresh produce by the kilo and it comes beautifully organic, including dirt and the occasional bug, and popped in an old carrier bag served with a smile from the local lady at the weekly market.  Nah…you best hurry off and defrost that pie and nuke that pack of ready-peeled spuds, you certainly wouldn’t like the fresh food here!

reasons not to live in Turkey

The locals are far too friendly!

5. The locals are far too friendly. Chop, chop! Eye’s down and no eye contact or smiles at strangers as they will think you are weird or have ulterior motives! When’s the last time you saw someone look up from their phone or newspaper and smile at you on the London underground? Did you think they were weird? Well everyone’s weird in Turkey! The vast majority of locals you come across are unbelievably friendly – even when they can’t speak a word of your language. Turks smile. They offer you ‘cay’ (tea) everywhere and are happy to spend time with you and your family. They also love kids, even the teenagers are happy to play and entertain the little ones. It rubs off on you. You end up smiling too. Run – you wouldn’t want to break old habits and start smiling at people back at home. Live in Turkey and you too will become weird!

reasons not to live in Turkey

You’re not a WAG with a designer bag in Turkey!

6. You’re not a WAG if you own a Michael Kors bag in Turkey! Like to impress your friends with your fancy designer togs and brand name bags or shoes? If so, Turkey’s definitely not for you.  Everyone can afford Gucci and D&G in Turkey. Legal or not, ‘genuine fakes’ are available everywhere and some of them are remarkably similar to the real thing. A walk through a travelling market, a day trip shopping or an evening browsing the resort boutiques and it’s hard not to leave without buying a decent fake watch or latest trend knock-off for a few lira. The wearing of designer stuff means nothing in Turkey. The locals are not impressed by brand names. They will, however, annoy you if you’re wearing the real thing by questioning if it’s fake or not. WAGS stay clear!

7. The properties in Turkey are far too cheap!

reasons not to live in Turkey

Spacious 4-bed villa on lovely Calis complex. Just £89,000 Click for details.

For less than £150,000 you can buy a three or four-bed resale villa with garden, a pool, probably furnished and boasting fabulous views over mountains and pine forest. For less than £80,000 you can get your hands on a huge three-bed apartment on a shared complex with pool in a prime resort. If you are looking for a bargain, there’s a furnished 4-bed villa in Calis for £89,000, or a sea-view 3-bed furnished penthouse just off the Fethiye harbourside promenade for just £85,000 – what could you buy in the UK for that? It’s just too easy to live here in Turkey. Who would ever want a fabulous and affordable lifestyle in the sun? Nah…you better continue dreaming as you stare out at the wind and the rain, you certainly wouldn’t enjoy a new life in Turkey!

So have we convinced you that Turkey has none of the qualities you’re looking for on your quest to the sun? We hope you can now see why it’s so unfathomably popular with investors and holidaymakers. It really is a hard life here in Turkey – said from the horribly sunny Oceanwide Properties office overlooking Fethiyes’ beautiful bay and Sovalye Island! 

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